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  • City of Wilmington Issues New Commercial Services Parking Permit
    Posted on: 2014-10-31
    New parking permit exempts businesses from limited-time and loading zone restrictions
    Posted on: 2014-08-13
    Delaware's community-run farmers' markets are growing and thriving. You can buy from vendors from across the state all in one place.
  • Winter Storms & Extreme Cold
    Posted on: 2014-01-05
    While the danger from winter weather varies across the country, nearly all Americans, regardless of where they live, are likely to face some type of severe winter weather at some point. Winter storms can range from a moderate snow to a blizzard that lasts for several days. BE INFORMED Learn what protective measures to take before, during, and after an emergency
  • Delaware Emergency Notification System
    Posted on: 2013-12-11
    Register today!
  • New Castle County Services For Delawareans 50+
    Posted on: 2013-09-10
    New Castle County has a lot to offer its residents who are 50+. Many of you are caring for a relative or parent while addressing your own needs as you plan for retirement. And we know that people over 50 are remaining more active than ever. Our government is committed to providing residents 50 and older with a variety of options for better living, including activities, discounts and safety programs.
    We are here for you. Your ideas and questions are welcomed. Please don't hesitate to call at (302)395-5107
  • The Concord Ave. traffic enhancement project is complete
    Posted on: 2013-09-10
    The Triangle Neighborhood Association will beautify the center island with plants and bulbs.
  • Mentoring at Warner School
    Posted on: 2013-01-10
    Warner School is working with Children and Family First to enhance their mentoring program. The school needs additional mentors to work with a child or a small group of children as role models. Contact Warner School at 651-2740 if you can help.
  • Hanover Food Pantry
    Posted on: 2013-01-10
    The Hanover Food Pantry is located in Hanover Church at 1801 Jefferson Street. It is staffed by 10 volunteers and is open from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursdays. One volunteer is in charge of checking people in and gathering family information required by the Food Bank.

    A breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage or home fries is availale before food is distributed at 9 a.m. Each family member receives 3 days of food, and each family may come to the pantry once every 4 weeks. Some food is purchased from the Food Bank, bread and dessert items are donated by Super G, and other items and produce are purchased by the Food Pantry.

    The Pantry serves about 40 families a week, or about 300 to 400 individuals a mont, at a cost of $1500 to $1700 per month. Food Pantry costs are covered by donations from individuals and area churches. Folks are welcom to come and visit the Food Pantry any time!

    The Pantry is constantly in need of donations of staples llike pasta, rice, tuna, tomato sauce peanut butter, toilet paper, etc., or extra produce from your garden.

    Triangle resident Becky Arnnold coordinates the Food Pantry. You are welcome to visit Thursday mornings (18th & Baynard Blvd)
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    Posted on: 2013-01-10
    Wilmington City Code Sec. 34-232.1 requires that all residential buildings must be equipped with approved carbon monoxide alarms.

    Is your home protected from carbon monoxide? Don't take a chance. The following information, courtesy of the Wilmington Fire Department, will help you to better understand how carbon monoxide can impact your life and the lives of your family.
  • Baynard Blvd Area Comprehensive Plan
    Posted on: 2012-09-26
    The Baynard Area Comprehensive Plan is being updated. The current plan is about 20 years old. This long-range plan will govern zonina and development activitiess in the Baynard Blvd Area (all of the 2nd City Council District). These plans are supposed to be updated every 5 years.

    To read the plan use the below link.
  • New Recycling Guidlines
    Posted on: 2012-05-09
    The following items can now be recycled:

    All coated paper cartons and aseptic packaging (e.g. juice boxes, gable-top milk and juice containers)

    All food and beverage containers marked #1 through #7.

    No PVC or Styrofoam.
    Posted on: 2012-02-28
    Dear Nieghbors, I worked long and hard with the Editors at This Old House to get our neighborhood nominated and selected. After sending in much information, photos, and links to our area attractions - we were selected! This is a rare opportunity to have our neighborhood noted in a National publication for 2012. Please use the link below to view the posting and to add your personal opinions as to why our nieghborhood is so great! Thanks to all the residents for making this such a nice community to live in, Judy Kolodgie
  • Delaware Automatic Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program
    Posted on: 2012-01-20
    Starting January 19th, the Attorney General with other agencies and organizations, has initiated a mortgage foreclosure mediation program to give homeowners a voice in the foreclosure process. For more information on the program, click link or call 1-800-220-5424 for free assistance.
  • Use This Magic Word When Googling for Tech Support
    Posted on: 2011-03-09
    Adding one word to your Google searches will help find solutions faster.

    The next time you're pulling your hair out over a technical support issue, you might want to try this simple trick to help you find real answers to the problem you're experiencing:

    Add 'solved' to your search query. Rather than just describe your problem, i.e. 'Outlook won't sync to my Droid smartphone,' try adding +SOLVED to the end of the search. Many tech support message boards use '[SOLVED]' to close threads on technical support issues.

    One other trick is to use ~solved instead of +solved. Using the '~' (the tilde) tells Google to not only look for 'solved,' but also synonyms for solved, such as 'fixed,' 'resolved,' etc.

    Getting great results from Google is usually a matter of writing better queries. Here's a helpful article on ways to improve your search skills, straight from Google:
    Posted on: 2010-12-07
    Looking for additional volunteers to join the 100 plus folks who currently participate in the Triangle Neighborhood Watch.

    Volunteers are asked to do one, 2 hour shift, every 3 to 4 months. Please contact Gary Camp, the watch coordinator, if you can help.
    Posted on: 2010-12-07
    Did you know you can get temporary parking for a visitor to your home? Just call 576-3980 with the car's color, make and year, location and reason for visit.
    Posted on: 2010-10-12
    For those who plan to buy new household appliances or furniture: Rather than pay someone to remove your older items, donate them to the Thrift center; the store will pick up larger donations at no charge. 'Gently used' mattresses and housewares are needed to stock the Center located at 1320 East 23rd Street.

    1,500 customers shop at the store each month, paying discounted prices for basic household goods or nothing at all.

    As you prepare for the holidays and purchase new goods for your homes, consider donating your cast-offs that are in good condition to the Thrift Center.

    The agency continues to see an increased demand for basic household goods --- pots and pans, dishes, furniture, beds and woorking kitchen appliances like refrigerators and stoves.

    To arrange pickup of large items, call the Thrift Center at 764-2717.

  • TNA Membership Drive
    Posted on: 2010-02-02
    TNA is still accepting dues.

    Membership runs from July through June and is open to neighborhood residents. You must be a dues paying member to vote at meetings.

    Dues support: TNA Garden at 18th & Augustine Cutoff, Neighborhood Watch, the Halloween Parade, Meet the Candidates Night, the annual yard sale and other activities.

    Annual Dues: $5.00 Individuals & Seniors
    $10.00 Family
    $25.00 Corporate

    You may mail them to the post office box: TNA, Box 8073, Wilmington, DE 19803
  • Hand-held Cell Phone Ban
    Posted on: 2010-01-12
    Beginning January 1, 2010, mobile telephone use while operating a moving motor vehicle or while riding a bicycle will only be allowed when equipped with built-in speakers or a hands-free accessory. The ban also prohibits placing or receiving text messages, sending or receiving emails on mobile telephones or other electronic devices; and establishes penalty for this civil violation with a $50.00 assessment.

  • Urban Bike Project
    Posted on: 2009-09-22
    We are a not-for-profit bicycle shop located in Wilmington, Delaware with a focus on education and mechanical self-reliance. We have a full compliment of shop quality tools and provide educational programs and mechanical assistance to City of Wilmington residents and youth in need.

    A note to donors of bicycles. Please do not leave donations outside the shop!!! Instead drop any bikes or parts off during our open hours. We may be able to arrange a pickup if it is not convenient for you to drop off.

    Have mechanical aptitude and a desire to get your hands greasy? Want to become a better mechanic but need some more practice? Come by and help us fix up bikes that will go towards our free bike program and sales.

  • Seniors 65+ Property Tax Exemption Program and Other Senior Citizen Programs Offered by the City
    Posted on: 2009-08-10
    The City provides a property tax exemption up to $565 dollars per year to homeowners aged 65 and over who qualify based on income. If you qualify, you also receive a discount on your water and sewer bills.

  • Report burned-out street lights to Delmarva Power
    Posted on: 2009-04-07
    Call 800-375-7117, press '0' for Customer Service, then give the street address and the 5 digit pole numbers found on the 2 metal tags on the pole. Or you can report by using this link.
  • Emergency Telephone Tree
    Posted on: 2009-02-10
    Recently moved into the neighborhood or never registered? Join the phone tree by calling Frank Joyce at 656-1522. The phone tree will alert you in the event of an area-wide emergency.
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